About Notaro's Game Rentals

Steve & Emily NotaroA few years ago we tried to come up with game ideas for a Jack and Jill that we were planning and we quickly found that there was not much available in our area. We then found that it was much too expensive to rent from companies closer to the larger city centres.

We ended up making our own games which were rough around the edges to say the least and did not usually work as intended. 

Here we are, a few years later, bringing fun and entertainment to the Quinte area for events of all types. We started with games for Jack and Jill parties or casino night type fundraisers and through the journey we have taken to bring Notaro’s Game Rentals to life we decided to branch into kid and family friendly games as well. 

At Notaro’s Game Rentals we strive to take your events to the next level. 

Notaro's Game Rentals is locally owned and situated in Carrying Place, Ontario.