Game Tips

Crown and Anchor Wheel: Start out with determining your minimum bet, $1 is a popular starting point. Many people opt to cover the triple pay out spot with “All bets to the house”, “All bets to the bride and groom”, or “All bets to [enter your cause here]”.  This is a high profit game which is why it is so popular at charity events and buck and doe parties.

Token Slot Machines: The tokens for the machine will come separately from the machine so your guests can purchase tokens for a price that you set.  Examples: 3 tokens for $1, 15 tokens for $5, and 36 tokens for $10. Each full spin requires 3 tokens so set your prices to reflect multiples of 3. The machine will hold all credits up to 50 before it will start paying out the tokens. If a guest wins and receives tokens back as a payout, you will need to designate a prize for that payout. Examples: 1 ticket for your largest raffle or door prize for each 50 tokens they redeem or a designated jackpot prize. The tokens have no monetary value and you want your guests to be inclined to return them so designating smaller prizes for odds and ends tokens such as a free drink voucher for 10 tokens. The options are endless. Designate one of your volunteers to sit near the machine to manage the tokens that may come out of the machine and distribute the tickets or prizes and encourage that all tokens go back into the machine instead of guests pockets.  Also, it is a good idea to put a collection bucket at your exit near the end of the event for people to deposit their left over tokens to avoid charges for too many unreturned tokens.

Beer Pong: It is easy to turn this game into a money maker for your event y using tournament style play. Charge an entrance fee such as $5 or $10 and let the games begin. There are at least 3 ways to determine the winner, 1) play continuous games and near the end of the event announce the last game and the winner of that game gets the prize 2) keep a “sports board” with all your registrants and play into quarter final, semi final and final games and the winner takes the prize or 3) keep track how many games each participant has won on a tally sheet and he person with the most wins at the end of the night takes the prize. This style keeps the game open for new participants throughout the night and encourages people to re-enter even if they were knocked out by a previous game and if you charge a smaller entrance fee each time they play instead of a larger main entrance fee for the other styles, the pot will increase rapidly. For prizes you could make it a larger raffle prize, a bottle, or 1/3of the pot so the bride gets 1/3, the groom gets 1/3 and the winner gets 1/3. The combinations are numerous.  Just make sure you play responsibly by monitoring how much each cup is filled.

Spin to Win Prize Wheels: The opportunities are endless for these wheels. The most common way to use the wheel is to designate the majority of the wheel wedges with smaller prizes and one wedge with a larger prize. For example, if you are using the wheel for a sales event, designate small discounts on each wedge and one large discount on one wedge, or incentives such as extras with the guests’ purchases. If you are using this at an event with other games you could use spins on the wheel as a prize with the other games. For example, If you have drop zone you could label one of the bottom boxes with “1 spin” or if you also have hi-tower, the winner of each game earns a spin. You can also have your guests purchase spins rolex replica for $1 (if you have smaller prizes labelled on your wheel) or up to $10 (if you have larger prizes on your wheel).  With this style of play you can label a few of the wedges with “sorry” where the spinner does not win to encourage them to purchase more spins. 

Drop Zone: Have guests purchase the playing chips such as 1 for $2 or 3 for $5 or whatever you want. Just make sure your price for chips will be in line with your prizes. If you have larger prizes in your slots you will want to charge more for the chips. If you want to keep it cheaper then label some of the slots with 0 or no win. Need some options to label your slots? How about 1 to 5 raffle tickets, a spin on the prize wheel, free drink, free entrance into beer pong,  3 free tokens for the slot machine,  small prizes,  ect. Just remember sometimes the central slot is not always the hardest to get the chip into, the outside two are more difficult than they appear.

Hi-Tower: Charge your guests an entrance fee to play and play can be 2 x 2 or teams. The person or team who stacks the tower the highest in turn without knocking the tower down wins. Designate a prize for the winner of each game or keep tabs on the person or team who wins the most games and announce the winner at the end of the night. Just as you would with the other games, you want to make sure that your entrance fee is comparable to your prize to make it worth your while. 

Putt for Points: We suggest charging guests $5 for 3 balls. The game calculates the points electronically. Keep track of each player’s earned points and the person with the most points at the end of the event wins the big prize. To keep people playing use smaller incentives like extra raffle tickets for your door prize for each 10, 15, 20 points earned. To increase the competition keep a visible score board of the top 5 players point scores so that if a person who wants the prize sees that they are behind, they will come and play again to get back on top.

Soak N’ Wet: We suggest charging $5 for 3 bags for your guests to take a shot at soaking someone. There are a few ways to come up with your participants for the game.  If this is for a buck and doe party the obvious choice would be your volunteers or wedding party. For the final soaking of the night you could start a pot for the bride vs the groom and the guests can put money in labelled pots and at the end of the night the pot with the most money is the last one to get soaked. At this point you could increase the cost of the bags for guests to have the opportunity to soak the bride or groom. You could sell the bags in singles at this point to give more people a chance to be the one to soak them.  If this is a daytime outdoor event, guests could pay a set price such as $25 to put a person of their choice from all of the other guests in the hot spot for either a certain number of turns or until they get soaked. Make sure you place the throw line enough of a distance away to make this game difficult enough to keep it enticing. If the person gets soaked every time someone throws it would not be as fun. This game is also great for kids birthday parties without money or donations where each kid could have a turn in the hot spot and all of the other party guests take 1 turn to soak them. The guest who stays dry ( or gets soaked the least amount of times) wins an extra party favour. In the event of a tie you could go into a soak off tie breaker where the two (or more) tied participants take turns trying to soak each other and the last one standing wins!